More about my time at
Secret Location Inc.

Position: 3D Artist

I was primarily responsible for a variety of tasks which included 3D environment modelling, layout, design, 3D animation, motion graphics, architectural design, fabrication, post processing, and optimization. More detailed breakdowns of my roles in each of the projects I contributed to are available below.

Welcome To Wacken

‘Welcome to Wacken’ is an experimental 360 VR documentary told in 5 parts, developed in-house at Secret Location in partnership with Banger Films. My responsibilities included being Lead 3D modeller and Layout artist. Using references taken from satellite imagery, print media, and the documentary footage, I was responsible for developing the layout, scope and scale of the “lobby” – the portion of the experience built in Unity3D that was a digital proxy to the festival grounds and environs seen in the film. As the project progressed though an iterative art-direction process, my responsibilities expanded to include technical tasks including lighting workflow development, Unity3D scene assembly, in-engine animation implementation, material development and scene performance optimizations.

Mtn Dew: The Professor Presents - Got Handles?

‘The Professor Presents: Got Handles?’ is a Basketball skills game developed for Mountain Dew. I was responsible for environment modelling, scene layout and assembly, and 3D motion graphics for the UI elements of the game.

VUSR - VR Booth

VUSR is a 360 and VR content management & distribution system developed by Secret Location. Part of its mandate is to simplify the propagation of VR and 360 content. As part of that goal, SL commissioned the design of a VR ‘booth’ – a physical structure through which the public could have access to a full VR setup. I was responsible for the design and development of the booth. As part of the visuals required to articulate the design, I was also responsible for developing secondary motion graphics that would be included as part of the visuals. Additionally, a de-constructable ‘mini’ version was also requested, in order to be more transportable for trade-shows in which Secret Location would be promoting the VUSR platform. Due to the tight timeline, I was also responsible for the fabrication of the mini booth. Once the first trade-show was complete, a third ‘Arcade’ style standing experience booth was requested, which I was also responsible for designing. Due to the project still being in-development internally, Only the ‘Mini’ trade-show booth is shown below.

BMO 200

For it’s 200th birthday The Bank of Montreal commissioned Secret Location along with other partners to develop a digital fountain for the public to throw in digital coins as part of a ‘make a wish’ campaign. I was brought in late to the project to help with some 3D asset creation and post process optimizations. My tasks included creating and animating the 3D waterfall asset on the homepage, converting pre-approved 2D artwork for each category of ‘wishing coin’ to a 3D asset, and a series of gif optimizations and workflows for the mobile and tablet use of the website.

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